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Adrian's Driving School in Westchester 5 Hour Course

What you need to know

Everybody in NYS that wants to apply for a NY drivers license has to attend a pre-licensing course after receiving the PHOTO LEARNER PERMIT in the mail. This is the second of the three steps everybody is required to take in NYS in order to obtain a drivers license. Since April 2018 the DMV requirement for attending the course is to have the PHOTO PERMIT (which arrives in the mail about 2 weeks after passing the written test), and the temporary interim permit is not sufficient to attend the course unless the student also has a photo non driver NYS ID as well. Having the NY photo ID along with an interim permit allows you to attend the 5 hour course.. This pre-licensing course, also known as the 5 hour course, is a mandatory theory course offered in our office in Mount Kisco, at 25 E Main St, second floor every Thursday at 5:00pm and every Saturday at 10:30am. The 5 hour course is done in the office and it consists of a video and a lecture. There is no test at the end of the course and the students get an MV 278 DMV certificate upon completion. The 5 hour course teaches students about the rules of the road, about the consequences of drinking and driving, the importance of wearing a seat belt and how to become a safe driver. This certificate is valid for one year from the issuing date. During this time, the student can schedule a road test with the DMV. Please send a message online from our website or call the office if you would like to reserve a seat in any of our classes.

The 5 Hour Course is offered every Thursday at 5:00pm and every Saturday at 10:30am
Please note! You need a PICTURE LEARNER PERMIT and $55 IN CASH or $60 with CREDIT CARD, to take this 5 Hour Course.
25 East Main Street, 2nd floor
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

You need to register before you take the 5 Hour Course. So call now to reserve your seat.

Phone number: 914-631-0268

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